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Hello & Welcome to My Latest News Page

October 2021 Gosh time flies by - I haven't updated my news for ages - not much to tell as all is ok in my world. I have sort of retured a bit and winding down the business, but as I love creativity I will always be making something as well as doing special orders for special souls. Any questions just feel free to email me 

~*~ Thanks for visiting  Lynn smiley

January 2018 - Happy New Year and I wish you every blessing heart  I am enjoying the summer here in Australia with lots of beach days and drifting along with the tide down the river - I sew prettyn new things when I am inspired and make the orders as they arrive in my email box - it is all fun and I love every aspect of my work - if I can do anything special for you ~ just email Lynn - Have a great day ~ Love & Light Always

September 2017  - Still working away creating pretty patchwork clothing and posting worldwide - I worked out I will have to work forever as money doesn't grow on trees - but it's a plesant life to create smiley 

 so if there is anything I can do for you - just email and thanks for visiting my store


November 2016 ~ I am slowly winding down my business after 25 years and as I run out of fabrics I will discontinue the designs - this is a good thing as it gives me more time to have some fun smiley 

I will continue on in a small way with mostly one off patchwork clothing

Thanks for visiting my page and if there is anything I can do for you please email Lynn ~ Love & Light Always


June 2nd. 2016 My Beautiful dad Russell aged 97 went to Heaven to be with mum who passed over in 2012 at 93 - it was a sad day but we never like to see anyone suffer so God Bless them both and I do believe they are happy ~ I just have to find strength to carry on and keep busy with my life - Thanks for visiting my web site and page ~ Love & Light Always  Lynn


Wow 2016 is here and I am still cruising along - I am involved with the patchwork coats - skirts and new creations - this is where my creative spirit is at present ~ so enjoy the new One Off Originals from now on :)  - If you would like a special order just emial and let me know your thoughts and hopefully I can fullfill your desire & grant your wish heart

Love & Light Lynn


June 2015  - another year has passed us by with some good and bad times I am sure.  My business will be changing over the next couple of years as I wind it down to retire. I would have loved someone to carry it on, but there is no one and it appears my kind of business will eventually die out.   I will always be creative and do some kind sewing, but the main bulk of designs will slowly disappear as I run out of fabrics. 

Thanks for visiting my page ~ any questions just email Lynn :)

Love & Light Always


June 2014 - it appears I totally missed 2013!!  I get so busy and when there is only one of you (me) time is pretty well taken up.  I am starting to wind down a bit as many cheap imports are hurting my little business - the Chinese and Indians can produce the medieval goth look for a lot less then I can.  However, I cruise along with my creative talent and will keep on making alternate wedding dresses and seeing happy brides.

Thanks for visiting my pages and if there isn anything I can do for you, please don't hesitiate to email Lynn

Have a Great Day ~ Love & Light Always :)


July 2012 

Gosh the year is flying by as usual - most of my days are filled making orders for special people and I am so blessed to be able to work doing the thing I love - at present I am making lots of one off original designs - OOAK - some can be dulpicated into other sizes on request you just have to ask.

I am hoping to find the creative time to make some more gorgeous wedding dresses and now I am fast runing out of rose lace and no more to be coming in to Australia - it will test my creative talent to come up with new lace and new designs to suit the fabric.

Thanks for visiting the Enchanted Emerald Forest

Love & Light Always  Lynn ~ you on-line sewing fairy heart


February 2012

Well time has passed and it's a year since I lost my mum, so February has been a bit of a reflective month and I spent some time just "being"  and in that being in the moment I made some interesting new things like cloth necklaces and boot spats - they were fun to make and I have sold a few different ones so that's great ~ thanks to all my lovely customers.  I hope to make some more bridal designs this year as well as some Face Book promotions and build an audience there so if you have any friends who may like my designs - get them to like enchanted emerald forest on facebook and I will think up some great ideas to promote and have some give aways, discounts, featured products.

Thanks for visiting my store ~ I am always here to help you so just email Lynn

Love & Light & Lynn


October 2012

Busy as always and I spend more time in my sewing room then I do on the computer updating my sites or sharing my news ~ The latest creations are my shabby chic fairy skirts and bridal veils I have been making a few of them when I get time in-between my super special orders.  Update on the Gym  it's not happening!! I have gained muscle and toned up - the tummy won't go away apparently they don't!! but I have got a straight back again - I didn't realise I was so bent over from years of sewing - nice to stand tall again and be aware of "shoulders back" ~ well that's all for now - blessings to all and I hope I can be of service to you :)


July 2012

Well sadly this month I lost my Mother-In-Law Anna - I cannot believe I lost two mums this year ~ Anna just got up on Sunday morning and dropped dead on the kitchen floor aged 72 - it was a sad day.

Anna was a lovely lady and like a second mum to me ~ she used to ring up and say "How is my princess today?"

heart God Bless Anna Joy Wells ~ Until I see you again one day

June 2012

Super busy and enjoying making my shabby chic rustic skirts ~ I have just made some for winter which would be great with boots or over leggins - I will make some jackets when I get some time.  I hope all is well in your part of the world ~ any questions just email Lynn ~ Have a great day :)

March 2012

Just getting back into work and organising myself for the year ahead ~ it takes a while to get it together after Christmas ~ the holidays of January and the heat of February and my recent loss.

I have a special promotion on at present for a limited time as I have lots of stock here and I would like to create more so I have to make some room - so check out my "Make A Offer" Promotion on the front of my store.

Due to family commitments - I will not be available for custom work during April so if you need a dress for a special occasion you better get organised so I can make and post your order.

I started at the gym!! gee wizz who would have thought  but I have hit the middle age spread and need to loose my middle so everyday I go to the gym - it's hard work but I hope it works and I loose my 5 kg.  And food you cannot eat anything!!  no carbs of a night time and carbs is about all I do eat - Love my bread and potato's - no biscutes or sugar and I am a sugar fairy - BUT I really want to be a size 12 again so if that's my wish I have to make it come true.


February 2012  ~ my mum when home to Heaven ~ Thanks for the wishes received

I am back home now and the funeral and all was beautiful rather then sad which surprised me - it was lovely and mum would have been dancing around to the waltz type hymn's they played - I never expected it to be so peaceful and nice it was strange especially when this big candle went out right at the head of her coffin and the smoke twirled to the tall celing it was quiet magical and mystical at the same time

God Bless Teresa Margaret Ellem for ever and ever always in my heart ☻


Teresa Margaret Ellem - 22nd. April 1920 - 9th. February 2012


My 91 year old Mum passed away early in the morning in her bed at home ~ just as she would have wished rather then be in hospital where she had been so many times since her heart attack in June 2011

Mum was a sewing lady who was surprised when I took up the trade later in life ~ she loved what I did although my designs were not her taste except for a black velvet cardigan which she wore many times and one of my wispy velvet shawls which always looked a treat on an old lady.

I sure will miss her ~ but I know she is home with the Angels and one day we will all be together again



November 2011

Gee Christmas is nearly here once again ~ the years roll on by!

I have been busy and found time to play around with my new "Shabby Chic" Patchwork Summer Skirts ~ these are handcrafted from all the little pieces of fabric I hate to throw out so some pretty ideas emerge. As they are "One Off Originals" if you see something you like I may be able to create similar ~ just email and I will see if your wish can be granted.

I hope your getting organised for your special Christmas ~ Have a Perfect Day

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn

October 2011

Hello and Welcome to my fairytale imagination store ~ Well mum is still battling along, at 91 it's not easy for her ~ she is in and out of hospital while they try to get her medication right so I am keeping positive although have a knowing in my soul one day she will travel on the light back home so everyday is a gift :)

One the sewing front I have been busy creating more nice garments as well as keeping up with my orders and making people happy with my work ~ another gift I am very aware of and grateful for.

Not much else happing in the Enchanted Emerald Forest ~ just working away and happy to be able to do so

Enjoy your day and visit to my store

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn


July 2011

Well the start of this month was a bit sad, my 91 year old mother Teresa had a heart attack and fluid on the lungs so it was a stressful trip down the coast to visit her in hospital. I Thank the Heavenly Sphere and all that’s good and holy she is recovering and will be home soon so I feel have been given the gift of some extra time with her the time to appreciate my mum a little longer.

She still sews for a little craft store in Grafton and drives her little Gemini car all around town, she cares for my dad Russell 92 who still works his vege patch out the back. Dad is now learning to use things like the stove, washing machine and microwave all new to him as mum always did those things, so he is on a mission of learning and quiet excited and happy to care for her when she comes home on Monday the 11th. July  - now I am back home to my work but aware that time is precious.

I share this for those customers who knew the situation and kept mum in their thoughts and prayers as well as candels being lit as far away as India -

Blessings to all and Thanks

Until next time ~ Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn



April 2011  Happy Easter to All

I hope you had a nice time off work for a few days . I worked in the mornings as there is always so much to do when your a one fairy business although I did enjoy some time off and relaxing lazy afternoons eating chocolate and watching movies, always a favorite pass time of mine.

At present I am catching up on my orders and creative plus slize ladies patchwork suits ~ so it’s all fun.

Until next time ~ Have A Perfect Day ~ Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn


January 2011 Happy New Year to All

2010 was a great year and I hope 2011 to be the same although one never knows what they will face during a year, so I hope I have the faith, strength and health to carry on for another wonderful year.

This year will be another creative year, so visit often and see what is new in the Enchanted Emerald Forest.

I have a wish - One day someone will buy my business and take it to another level. I can see stores in all the capital cities - Stores that look like a forest when you walk in with all different sections to showcase different designs and styles ~ I think this would be magic and I wish I was 20 again so I could make the dream wish come true.

Until Next Time Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn


October 2010...Hello and welcome to my enchanted forest.

Lately I have been inspired after a customer request to make barefoot sandals and with this new found creative beading I have enjoyed making lots of different colours and ideas. At present I have a some ladies who are buying these off me wholesale and taking to their local market and fairs. This is working well so if your interested in this idea send me an email and let me know your interest.

At present I am making barefoot sandals, anklets, bracelets and slave bracelets with chiffon scarves for belly dancing.  

Well off to work ~ so enjoy your day

Until next time

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn



May 2010..Hello once again and welcome to my enchanted store :)

During this year I hope to make more one off original creations, the kind of dresses and suits you will never see another lady wearing. I love being creative and making one off creations, the only problem is channeling the right size to make it in therefore I have to trust in the Universal Nature of all things that the creation I make has "someone special’s name attached" I do believe this is so.

It’s strange these days as you go to the stores as they are all the same. I remember back "in the good old days" when you went on holidays it was great to have a day out shopping and seeing the local stores of the city or town you visited, but these days they are all the same chain stores.

Well not much news have a happy May Mother’s Day

Love & Light until next time

emerald-fairy Lynn


March 2010..Well I had a bit of a quiet time over January February with orders constant and some time to play around in my sewing room which I love doing. Now things are picking up I am busy and into the swing of 2010 once again.   We had some visitors from the Uk over the past couple of weeks and my sister in law Anna-Lynn went shopping one day and arrived home with a Charlie Brown Dress that was around $360.00 reduced to $280.00 on Sale..I saw this dress and being a plain jersey knit dress I couldn’t belive the I had to make a similar one....A Charlie Brown knock off is now in my lady misty store. They are half the price of the Charlie Brown one!!  although I did change the top of the bodice  to my own design and I made it in Black Sparkle Knit and Fuschia Printed fabric..both dresses fall beautifully and look great on.  The black one looks lovely on me, but I don’t really wear that style of clothing. They are really nice evening dresses. If you want to check them out they are at

I was thrilled to have some little girls around..I never see little girls I am surrounded by little guys in my family so I finally had some little fairy princesses around who love fairy dresses so I made some dresses and took some photos of the girls. In the photo Paige in the pink cheesecloth was more worried about the big water dragon lizard that was sitting behind her on a rock then she was getting her pic taken, she had the dress pulled out and her head looking behind all the time, keeping her eye on Mr Lizard!!  I had to keep telling her he was my pet lizard and he was ok.  Over in the UK they don’t have the wild life we have here so the girls couldn’t believe all the lizards in the back garden, they watched them safely from the balcony not too sure what to make of them.

Here is a Photo to share of the girls ~ Pretty as A Picture 

Until next  time  Lots of Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn your On-Line sewing fairy :)

Hannah and Paige in their Emerald Forest Designs Fairy Dresses



January 2010...January is my birthday month..yeah!!  Born under the sign of Aquarius  what can I say we are a strange and interesting sign and to think I had all this creative energy inside me and didn’t know it existed until desperation for work unfolded it all to me. Talk about coincidences/synchronicity and universal energy in play. Now it just flows from my like a never ending fountain of tuned in creative energy.  The best present from Heaven I could ever ask for and I am eternally grateful.

It’s a New Year and a new beginning for all of us, some people had a hard struggle during 2009  I was lucky and had a pretty good year with no upsets or hard life lessons to face. Let us hope whatever unfolds in 2010 we remember to "keep the faith".  I worry as my parents are getting really old. Dad is 91 and Mum is 90 this year and still sewing babies clothing for a  little craft shop.  It blew her away when I went into this business, something she had done all her life and I never showed any interest in. Maybe in Spirit she is handing the gift to me hummm interesting.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I had a quiet Christmas and slept the New Year in, but I went to Myer shopping on New Years Day and bought some pretty shoes..

During the holidays I managed to have fun playing in my sewing room and created some pretty patchwork dresses, some for the shop and one for me.  I made myself a pink patchwork dress years ago and even though it still looks nice I have worn it to death, so I made myself a new pretty are the pics  of the poor old worn to death dress and the pretty new dress and that’s all my news for January..Have a Happy Day 

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn  your on-line sewing fairy


 My Favourite Dress

The old and much loved dress and to your right the pretty new emerald fairy dress

looks great with ankle sandles off to Woolworths shopping :)  people stop me to comment on how pretty it is ~ I love making these but they take ages to make

 My New Favourite Dress



September 2009

Up-Date  Lady Misty Now has a New Blog!! I made in at 4am last Monday morning while waiting for the sun to come up to start sewing..I love early mornings, nice and quiet to get heaps done. You can check out my handywork at - I will put all new designs in there aimed at a different clientele..

In between orders I spent this month playing around in my Lady Misty store

Lady Misty lives down by the lake deep in the Enchanted Emerald Forest. You can visit her if you wish and see some more fashions.  Lady Misty is a store to appeal to a wider market as not all lady shoppers are into butterfly’s and medieval fairy clothing. Trying to think  up a "conservative" fashion line is a challenge with my fanciful mind, but I am enjoying thinking about it, keep my mind busy and active.

That’s all for today ~ Keep the faith in yourself and have a great day

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn



The social networking trend is to join sites so I jointed twitter, not too sure about it as you only get to write a couple of line of text, so I am using it for inspirational thoughts and sayings.

 on twitter

My Blog is good,   except for the weird people who leave comments about Viagra!! It’s where I showcase my newest designs, plus where I hope to put some of my poetry and thoughts. I love this World Wide Web. Face Book, My Space, Web Sites, Shops and all kinds of places one can waste their time!!

Well that’s it until next time, keep safe, keep the faith

Love & Light emerald-fairy Lynn






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