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Welcome to My Enchanted Store


Hello & Welcome to My Store

Shopping On-line can be a daunting experience for people who are not used to shopping on-line. But it can be a very exciting adventure as well. Buying a product and waiting for the postman to arrive with your special purchases. Some new Internet shoppers have had some trouble understanding, so here I have put together an instruction page to help make your experience a pleasant one.

First Off - It would be best to register for an account

Across the Top Tool Bar you will see  HOME   MY ACCOUNT   FEEDBACK   REGISTER   LOGIN

HOME (front page of store) 

MY ACCOUNT (this is your account - where you can keep track of purchases)

FEEDBACK (this is to leave feedback for the store owner if you so wish)

REGISTER (this is where you register your information for your account - your name, the address the parcel is to be post to etc.)

LOGIN This is where you will log in future - Your e mail address is your Email/Login and you have your own password you choose when you set up your account - all your details are stored for the future so you don’t have to put in your name ,address etc. on your next visit to go shopping.

OK  Your ready to Go Shopping ~ Here’s How To

STEP ONE;  Register an account - here you will enter your details and select a password. Click to receive newsletter’s (a good idea for when I have competitions & specials)Option to click openstores (openstores is a community shop - you can join there and vote for me to be your favorite shop)

STEP TWO; You can log in before you go shopping - or go shopping and then log in at checkout

STEP THREE;  Purchase the goods you want by clicking on the BUY button - choosing the colour or size if available or you can fill that information in  at checkout - or email me what colour/size you  require. This puts your purchases into a shopping basket, you can VIEW your shopping basket at any time by seeing Shopping Cart half way down the right hand column of my store. When you have finished shopping - completed your one or multiple purchases your ready to checkout your goods

STEP FOUR;   On the right hand column of my store - half way down under newsletter  you will see a SHOPPING CART Section. It will Say VIEW   CHECKOUT If you look there you will see the items you have just purchased. Click on the CHECKOUT BUTTON. This will take you to a page for your details - at the top you will see

Email/Login Name


Or if  your a new customer..fill in the details ( this is why I suggest you register your account first). If you have logged in to shop these details will just all appear for you. If you have not logged in to shop You will have to fill in your Email Login Name & Password

Fill in all the details as you see them - and here is where you can enter any additional instruction regarding your purchases or note you want me to have like measurements and colour choices etc.

Not all sections have to be filled in only where you see * the rest are optional.


STEP FIVE; All Goods are Express Posted so where you see Australia Post that is right for you.

Overseas Customers will be charged the extra freight past the $11.00AU via Pay Pal ( Most overseas shoppers are used to Internet Shopping)

STEP SIX; Choose your payment method -I accept Pay Pal ~ Direct Bank ~ Money Orders ~ Cash ~ Credit Cards & Lay-By extended 3 months of payments. Lay-By is a great way to shop so check out my Terms & Conditions page regarding lay-by

Credit Card Payments can be made via the Pay Pal Link - Choose Payment via Pay Pal. You do not have to have a Pay Pal Account - On the Pay Pal Page you will see on the Left - Pay Via Credit Card

Note; If paying via credit card in the Pay Pal link Please don’t try to log into Pay Pal where you see my e mail address and they ask for a password, as then I receive e mails saying someone tried to log into my account. If you have a Pay Pal account use your log in details, if you don’t have a Pay Pal account just choose the credit card method - icons on the left of the Pay Pal page

If  your not sure of this part and don’t have a Pay Pal account, just choose Direct Bank and I will be in touch with you.

 I hope I have covered everything for the new shopper - If not don’t despair  just use the E mail link in my shop and I will help you out. In most cases you just follow the prompts and most shops work the same way. If I have missed anything out or you find this hard to follow, please let me know so I can fix it for the next  shopper.


Happy Shopping  Love & Light emerald-fairy  Lynn



Thanks for Visiting My Store

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Australia Post & Handling
Registered Post  $15.00 Flat Rate
Combined Items Post - Yes
Express Platinum Post Available

Refer Terms & Conditions Page

Overseas Air Mail  E.T.A  10-14 Days
Air Costs from $35.00 to $55.00
Depending On Weight
Items Posted Registered Mail

Tracking Number Supplied

Overseas Flat Rate Post is $35.00 via Checkout - this is for a small item only (under 1kg)- please note I will email you first & send a Pay Pal Invloice for any additional postal charges - example a dress Registered Air Mail is approx. $52 - I will email regarding this

Refer Terms & Conditions

International Courier Express Available
ETA 3 - 5 days available on request Approx $70

If you have any concerns or questions
e mail Lynn

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